Newman` Certified EKG Technician Study Guide

Xaiver R S Newman (Ahi) (Cet) Acls, Edited by Kalifa R Newman B S Ha, Contributions by Khalief Wylie Nrcekg

EKG technicians are trained to use several types of electrocardiographic equipment ranging from a standard ECG, computer driven ECGs, and Holter monitoring machines, which are used to perform stress testing. After gathering important data on the heart, they report the information to a physician before they begin diagnostic or surgical procedures. While surgery is taking place, EKG technicians also monitor the progress of a patients heart rate and breathing to ensure that the patient does not have any complications during the process. Other tasks that are related to the EKG technician position include taking notes after performing diagnosis, cleaning equipment after surgery procedures, aided interpretations, and updating a patients medical file. There are EKG technician programs offering associates degrees that take two years of study to complete, but four-year bachelors degree programs are becoming more commonplace for EKG technicians. Qualified health professionals can also receive specialized training within a one-year time period. Coursework for EKG programs will include Holter monitoring, medical courses and noninvasive vascular or cardiovascular technology. EKG technicians with degrees often command higher pay and are more likely to be promoted into supervisory roles. Employers who hire EKG technicians desire them to possess credentials that prove that they are competent and knowledgeable employees. Having certification is becoming a necessary requirement for EKG technicians if they want to increase their chances with gaining employment. Even though having credentials is voluntary it is becoming a standard by employers who hire EKG technicians within the cardiovascular profession. Certification is achieved by completing education requirements at an accredited program and passing an exam that is given by a credentialing organization. THIS GUIDE WILL PROVIDE VALUABLE GRAPHICS AND SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE SECOND TO NONE, ALLOWING ACCESS TO OTHERWISE AMBIGUOUS NOMENCLATURE FOREIGN TO LAYPERSONS, ESSENTIALLY GIVING ONE AN ADVANTAGE PRIOR TO TESTING!!!!