Mister Magoo` Christmas Carol : Sheet Music from the First Animated Christmas Special (Piano/Vocal)

By (composer) Jule Styne

Mr. Magoos Christmas Carol debuted on the NBC television network on December 18, 1962, capturing the hearts of milllions with Broadway-caliber songs written by Bob Merrill and Jule Styne (Funny Girl) at the peak of their careers. Although this landmark production gradually became obscured by countless other televised Christmas specials that followed, its score remains noteworthy today for its timeless songs. Now, for the first time, this collectible songbook allows pianists and singers to explore the music and bring it to life anew. A fascinating historical foreword by animation expert Darrell Van Citters is included. Titles: * Its Great to Be Back on Broadway * Ringle, Ringle * The Lords Bright Blessing * Alone in the World * Winter Was Warm * Were Despicable * The Lords Bright Blessing (Reprise).