Heaven - The Virtual Realm : A Virtual Reality for the Soul

David James Zoppi M a

I believe that Heaven is a virtual realm - a world made of energy, a place where the soul can live out its eternal existence. What will this heaven like? What happens when we die? Where do our spirits go at the moment our bodies cease to function? These are questions that great minds have pondered throughout the ages. We have gained insights into what heaven might be like from accounts of those who have had near death experiences and have come back to recount those experiences, while Jesus and the Bible have told us what to expect when we enter the kingdom and heaven. We know we must go to Church and that we must believe and have faith in God and in an everlasting life after death. However, we still have many unanswered questions. What happens to our memories when we leave our bodies and the brains that store our memories? How will our spirits be held together is in heaven? Will our spirits evaporate in Heaven? What will I be doing in Heaven? How do we communicate in Heaven? Will we be reincarnated and return to Earth if we are not ready to enter Gods Kingdom? There are so many unanswered questions about heaven which we will ponder and explore together in this book. I will share my own first-hand accounts as well and share with you what I perceive to be the workings of the spirit and what we might expect when we enter into Gods Kingdom.