Faith` Lesson : The Chronicles of Barrow` Hollow

Anne Radcliff

By turns lyrical and touching, set amid a landscape of beauty, Faiths Lesson - The Chronicles of Barrows Hollow takes the reader on travels with a turn-of-the-century New England heroine. Armed with tenacious self-reliance and wit, bolstered by faith and values, the young girl finds herself in a world of circumstance quite unlike that of her own. Struggling with her stirring feelings for a suitor of means and privilege, Faith is forced to confront her past, her roots, and her truest test of priority in life. Lost family members and seemingly lost hope converge to lead Faith to her most important decision. Faiths Lesson captures the readers imagination as the struggles, hopes, and dreams of a young girl and the feverish progress of her years have become a series of vignettes, as though they were a recollection of a dream. Nothing remains now of those times, save a majestic memory. As this narrative recollects, you are invited to share those memories, which until now have remained safe in the hallowed quiets of Barrows Hollow.